1. Preparation

For acid staining to take well, the concrete floor must first be thoroughly cleaned. So the floor may be scrubbed or it may need grinding to make sure there is nothing blocking the colors from penetrating.

2. Repairing Cracks and Other Concrete Issues

Cracks, rough spots or holes in the concrete if present need to be treated first before proceeding to the coloring stage. Our professionals can refinish these imperfections or apply micro topping to achieve smooth and unblemished finish look.

3. Color Application and Curing Time

Colors are sprayed onto the concrete and must be allowed time to set in. For the acid stain, about 12 to 20 hours is given. The next day, excess colorant as well as any acid remaining will be removed. A water-based stain must dry for at least 24 hours. With both types, after the coloring is done and allowed to set, it is neutralized with water and a special agent, and then it is sealed with a top coat.

All in all, it takes about four days to concrete stain a floor. The first day, the floor will be prepped and stained. The second day, the floor will be washed in the case of acid staining. The third day, the floor will be dried, and the last day, the floor will be sealed.

4. Top Coat Choices

The top coat used depends on if the coloring is being done on an indoor or outdoor area, how durable it needs to be, and how long the fumes will have to wear off. Whether the floor will be waxed regularly also determines what top coat will be applied. Clients should talk to the staff about the amount and type of traffic their floors will receive as this will determine the finish and sealant. Floors need to be resealed about every two to three years.

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Concrete Staining 101 : Acid Stain and Water-based Staining
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